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Why Famous
  • The movie \"dances with wolves\" was filmed entirely in south dakota.
  • Vacation rental in south dakota is amazing land of spectacular landscapes.
  • Dakota is an outdoor paradise.
  • For fishing, there is a choice of 30 species, from brown, brook, and rainbow trout in the black hills region.
Facts Destination
  • South Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States of America.
  • Mount rushmore is a major state tourist destination in the black hills.
  • South Dakota is bisected by the Missouri River, dividing the state into two socioeconomically distinct halves, known to residents as \"West River\" and \"East River\".
  • The Black Hills, a group of low pine-covered mountains, is located in the southwest part of the state.
Area Info
  • Fertile soil in the eastern part of the state is used to grow a variety of crops.
  • Ranching is the predominant agricultural activity in the west.
  • The black hills, a group of low pine-covered mountains, is located in the southwest part of the state.
  • The area is of great religious importance to local american indian tribes.
Why Visit
  • In South Dakota, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy mountain lakes and streams.
  • Rock climbing, hiking trails, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.
  • Downhill skiing is available at Terry Peak and Deer Mountain.
  • The Southeast South Dakota Region transitions between flat lands and rolling hills.
  • If you enjoy nature, you will enjoy a South Dakota vacation.
Best Time
  • Best time is Summer month for visit.
  • South Dakota has a total of 83,609 miles of highways, roads, and streets, along with 679 miles of interstate highways.
  • U.S. Routes 12, 14, 16, 18, and 212 travel east and west, while u.s. routes 81, 83, 85 and 281 run north and south.
  • South Dakota contains two national scenic byways.
  • The peter norbeck national scenic byway is located in the black hills, while the native american scenic byway runs along the missouri river in the north-central part of the state.
  • Some 4,420 miles (7,110 km) of railroad track were built in south dakota during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but only 1,839 miles (2,960 km) are active.
  • BNSF railway is currently the largest railroad in south dakota; the dakota, minnesota, and eastern railroad is the state\'s other major carrier.
  • South Dakota\'s largest commercial airports in terms of passenger traffic are the sioux falls regional airport and rapid city regional airport.
  • Temperatures can reach over 100*F in the summer and average below freezing in the winter, so avoid to visit South Dakota.


  • South Dakota\'s culture reflects the state\'s American Indian, rural, Western, and European roots.
  • A number of annual events celebrating the state\'s ethnic and historical heritage take place around the state.