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Why Famous
  • Queretaro City is characterized for its colonial architecture and its beauty.
  • The Neoplateresque-Style Cathedral, which has a facade made of rose stone and volcanic rock.
Facts Destination
  • Querétaro is located in the central region of the country known as the breadbasket of Mexico.
  • It is bordered on the north by the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi; on the east by the Mexican states of México and Michoacán; and on the west by the Mexican state of Guanajuato.
  • There are mountains of volcanic origin including the Sierra Queretana.


Area Info
  • It covers an area of 11,769 square kilometers (4,544 square miles).
  • The capital is Santiago de Querétaro.
  • The Pánuco River flows into the Gulf of Mexico.
Why Visit
  • Its aqueduct, temples, churches and grand colonial houses and palaces make this city one of the most beautiful places in México.
  • You can also find great Ecotourism with mountain biking, river rapids, four-wheel vehicles, etc. as well as beautiful archeological ruins.
  • All the sites can be grouped into three tourist regions: the Valleys, the Semidesierto and the Sierra Gorda.
Best Time
  • The best time (months) of the year to visit Queretaro: January, June, September.
  • Federal Highway 57 leaves Mexico City and reaches Laredo, Texas in the border with the United States, and is also called the Pan-American Highway.
  • Railroads connect municipalities along the industrial corridor with Mexico City, Laredo and the state of Guanajuato.
  • There are two airports in the state, Querétaro International Airport 22.5 kilometers (14 mi) from the state capital.
  • Private buses provide intrastate connections, serving all of the municipalities.
  • Queretaro\'s flood lights really add a special touch and feel to the city once night falls.
  • Some night clubs charge an all inclusive cover fee; some a smaller cover and drinks on top.
  • Queretaro still mines Opals for their local, national and international sale.
  • The Museo Regional (Regional Museum) offers visitors a selection of artifacts from pre-Hispanic, colonial and and republican times.