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Why Famous
  • Oaxaca is justly famous worldwide for its vibrant, inventive, and diverse cuisine.
  • One of Mexico\'s most incredible pre-hispanic sites.
  • The state is also famous for its chocolate, which is made from ground cacao beans, and often includes almonds, cinnamon and many other ingredients.
Facts Destination
  • Oaxaca State is located in the South-eastern region of Mexico.
  • It borders on the North with Veracruz and Puebla, Chiapas on the East, Guerrero on the West and the Pacific Ocean on the South.
Area Info
  • It is the fifth-largest state with an area of 95,364 square kilometers (36,820 square miles).
  • Its capital is Oaxaca de Juárez.
  • The largest river is the Río Papaloapan, which forms when several small rivers join near the border with Veracruz
Why Visit
  • Mountain biking, zipline rides, hiking and many other activities are available in the year-round spring.
  • The creativity seen in the culinary traditions is also embodied in a vibrant arts and entertainment life.


Best Time
  • June through March the city is most enjoyable.
  • High seasons for tourists, when you can expect higher hotel rates, are late July and August (especially around the Guelaguetza).
  • The best time to visit Oaxaca is usually from the months of October to May.
  • A toll-road that leads to Mexico City through Puebla and another that will lead from Oaxaca City to Huatulco.
  • Major airports are found in Oaxaca City, Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.
  • 15,569 kilometers (9,670 miles) of roads.
  • 651 kilometers (450 miles) of railroads.
  • Zapotecs, Mixtecs, and the fourteen other ethnic groups still present in its culture and customs.
  • Major festivals include the día de los muertos (\"day of the dead\") and noche de los rabanos (\"night of the radishes\").
  • Oaxaca is to Mexican food lovers and cooks perhaps what Florence is to art aficionados.
  • Oaxaca boasts a tremendous diversity of regional cuisine, nicknamed \"Land of the Seven Moles\".
  • Corn tortillas are the staple food but a vast array of foods are prepared from corn dough, from entomatadas and empanadas to tamales and tlayudas.
  • Oaxaca has a number of native crafts, including the production of alebrijes, weaving and black clay objects.