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Why Famous
  • Nebraska has more lakes than any state except Minnesota.
  • The largest mammoth fossil ever found was unearthed near Wellfleet.
  • Red Cloud claims it is the subject of more books than any other town in literature.
  • Congress admitted Nebraska to the union, overriding a presidential veto.
  • Farms account for a higher percentage of Nebraska land (95%) than in any other state.
Facts Destination
  • The state is bordered by south dakota to the north.
  • Iowa to the east and missouri to the southeast.
  • Nebraska is a state located on the great plains of the midwestern united states. 
  • The state\'s capital is lincoln and its largest city is omaha.
  • Western nebraska, the panhandle region, features the scottsbluff area.
Area Info
  • Scotts bluff national monument is a bluff landmark with mitchell pass and 3,000 acres of prairie.
  • Nebraska is composed of two major land regions: the dissected till plains and the great plains. 
  • The easternmost portion of the state was scoured by ice age glaciers.
  • The dissected till plains were left behind after the glaciers retreated.
  • The dissected till plains is a region of gently rolling hills; omaha and lincoln are located within this region. 
  • The great plains occupy the majority of western nebraska.
Why Visit
  • It is a place where population density is relatively low.
  • America’s largest planted forest.
  • 22,000 acres of pine trees standing in sand, is part of the Nebraska National Forest.
  • Lush landscapes, fertile grounds, plenty of recreation, and the Lewis and Clark Trail can all make Nebraska come to mind.
  • You’ll really feel down home in  Nebraska.
  • You might feel like Linus Van Pelt in one of the pumpkin patches.
Best Time
  • Visit in Spring.
  • Over 60 percent of the nonresidents visiting Nebraska during the summer stay at hotels or motels.
  • Railroads:- The route of the original transcontinental railroad runs through the state. Other major railroads with operations in the state are: Amtrak; Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway; Canadian Pacific Railway; and Iowa Interstate Railroad.
  • Interstate Highways:- Interstate 76, 80, 129, 180, 480, 680.
  • United States Route:- U.S. Route 6, 20, 26, 30, 34, 73, 81, 83, 136, 138, 159, 183, 275, 281, 283 and 385.
  • Take precautions during summer activities.
  • Use sunscreen that protects against both uva and uvb rays.
  • Cultural events
  • Cultural institutions
  • Movie theaters