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Why Famous
  • Middlesex County famous for his portrayal of \"Sherlock Holmes\".
  • Cedar Lake is a lake in Middlesex County in the state of Connecticut whicch is famous for fishing


Facts Destination
  • There is no government in Middlesex County other than the Middlesex County Judicial District.
  • All county functions other than courts and county sheriff\'s departments were discontinued in 1960, and again in 2000 when the county sheriff\'s departments were reorganized as the State of Connecticut judicial Marshall\'s department, due to political corruption in the county sheriff\'s departments.
  • Middlesex County is also the home of Wadsworth Falls.
Area Info

  • Total Area is 439 sq mi (1,137 km²).
  • Middlesex County is located in the south central part of the U.S. state of Connecticut.


Why Visit
  • There are many kid friendly destinations in Middlesex County.
  • Middlesex County offers a variety of outdoor recreation choices including Devil\'s Hopyard State Park Bike Trails, Gillette Castle State Park Campground, Little Falls Trail, Cockaponset State Forest Cross Country Ski Trails, Chapman Falls, and many more.
  • Anyone interested in fishing Cedar Lake in Middlesex County should consult with local guides and resources before heading out to fish.

Best Time
  • July to October.
  • City Hop Brainard Airport.
  • Oxford Airport.
  • Middlesex County is a vibrant area where a strong vacation and tourism industry has fostered the development of outstanding amenities and attractions.
  • Cultural attractions are also outstanding, featuring the Center for the Arts at Wesleyan University with its beautiful music hall, theater, cinema, and galleries.
  • Several freshwater lakes ensure some of the region’s finest fishing and canoeing.