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Why Famous
  • Extremadura was the source of many of the most famous Spanish conquerors and settlers in America.
  • Extremadura has two mighty rivers flowing through it, the Tajo and the Guadiana.
  • In Extremadura Alcantara has an impressive Roman bridge and the town has some lovely mansions the convent, the Convento de San Benito.
  • In Extremadura Arroyo de la Luz - famous for the church.


Facts Destination
  • The Extremadura region of Spain has had a long, hard history.
  • Extremadura is far removed from Spain’s crowded costas – both in terms of kilometres and character.
  • Extremadura is a wonderfully inviting mix of mountain ranges, scenic meadows and panoramic fields.
  • There are some great historical cities to visit, outstanding areas of natural beauty, superb hotel options and an interesting gastronomy which includes good local wines and some of Spain\'s finest ham products.


Area Info

  • Extremadura is an autonomous community of western Spain.
  • Its Capital is Merida.
  • The climate of Extremadura is Mediterranean, except to the north, where it is continentalized, and to the west, where the influence of the Atlantic makes the climate milder.


Why Visit
  • The scenery of Extremadura ranges from the fertile \'plains of Spain\' to mountains, forests and rivers.
  • The region is rich in a lot of other bird-life too and is a very popular destination for bird-watchers.
  • There are plenty of wonderful places to go bird watching and thanks to a good road system.
  • Merida and Trujillo are two of the highlights of Extremadura.


Best Time
  • Most popular time to visit is spring (from mid-March to late May)
  • International Airports: Sevilla (SVQ),  Lisboa (LIS), Jerez (XRY), Faro (FAO).
  • Domestic Airpots:  Badajoz (BJZ),  Cordoba (ODB), Salamanca (SLM),  Madrid Cuatro Vientos (LECU).
  • Aviod July Month, because the average temperature in July is greater than 26°C, at times reaching 40°C.
  • Extremadura is an autonomous community of Spain.
  • Its folk music can be characterized by a melancholy sound.
  • There are few ethnomusicological recordings of Extremaduran music.
  • The Extremadura International Dance Festival is an annual event which takes place in Monterrey.