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Why Famous
  • The Sierra Madre Occidental and other smaller mountain ranges (sierras) cross the state.
  • Most of the state is heavily mountainous and a good part forested.
  • Durango is famous for its scorpions.
Facts Destination
  • Durango is located in northern Mexico.
  • Deep canyons and a flat plain are located between the valley and semi-desert regions.
  • These include the Huyapan, Tamazula, Los Remedios, San Diego, and Mezquital rivers.
  • The state of Durango is bordered to the north by Chihuahua, to the north-east by Coahuila, to the south-east by Zacatecas, to the south-west by Nayarit, and to the west by Sinaloa.
Area Info
  • One of the largest states in Mexico, it covers an area of 121,776 square kilometers (47,018 square miles).
  • The city of Durango is the state\'s capital.
  • The Florido River flows toward the Gulf of Mexico.
  • These mines extend north into Chihuahua and south into the state of Zacatecas.
Why Visit
  • The Guadalupe Sanctuary The Victoria Theatre The Barque Cathedral The House of the Count Suchill Sahuatoloa & Guadiana Park are just a few of these attractions.
  • Sahuatoba Park is a good place to get a glimpse of tigers.
Best Time
  • Durango\'s peak seasons occur from January to March and June to early September as well as during the holidays.
  • June through September offers peak conditions for summer recreation.
  • Durango has 10,477 kilometers (6,548 miles) of roads providing links to the Pacific coast and to inland cities.
  • There is an international airport serving the capital, Durango, with flights to about a dozen cities in Mexico.
  • There are also rails links connecting the state to border cities with the United States to the north and with many other cities in Mexico.
  • Basque conquerors who founded Durango and began the conquest of the northern territory brought their recipes and the first herds.
  • The dishes from Durango, is \"caldillo\", particulary noted for its antiquity.
  • Durango is also known for its cheeses, in particular queso chihuahua, also called \'queso menonita\'.
  • Durango has many theaters and galleries selling local handicrafts.
  • There are thirty-six museums, including a museum of cinematography, a children\'s museum, a museum of contemporary art, a museum of the Mexican Revolution, and an archeology museum.