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Why Famous
  • Campeche has 404 kilometers (252 miles) of coastline and includes the Isla del Carmen, Jaina, Triángulo, and Cayo Arcas.
  • The main rivers are the Candelaría and the Champoton.
Facts Destination
  • The State of Campeche is a state in the south-east region of the Mexican Republic.
  • It is bordered by the Mexican states of Yucatán to the north east, Quintana Roo to the east, and Tabasco to the south west.
  • The capital city of the state is the city of San Francisco de Campeche.
Area Info
  • Covers area of 56,789 square kilometers (21,926 square miles).
Why Visit
  • Campeche has many baluartes (bastions) built to protect the city against attacks and raids by pirates.
  • The Chamber of Fortification has scale models of the city\'s fortifications.
  • he Cathedral of the Conception is a unique church to visit.
Best Time
  • Best time to visit in Campeche is November to April.
  • Campeche International Airport and Ciudad del Carmen Airport provide international flights to and from Campeche.
  • There are approximately 2,942 kilometers (1,839 miles) of paved roads and about 400 kilometers (250 miles) of railroad.
  • A highway, known historically as the royal highway, connects the two important cities on the Yucatán Peninsula— Campeche and Merida.
  • Laguna Azul is the port at Ciudad del Carmen.
  • Campeche has nine theaters and seven auditoriums, all located in the city of Campeche.
  • The state of Campeche has forty-eight branches of the national library.
  • The museum at San Miguel Fort has a collection of pre-Columbian artifacts.