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Why Famous
  • The rich natural sights of Campania make it highly important in the tourism industry.
  • Campania is famous for its gulfs.
  • It was highly valued for its useful pastures and rich countryside.


Facts Destination

  • It the second-most-populous region of Italy.
  • Campania was a full-fledged part of the Roman Republic by the end of the 4th century BC.
  • The region of Campania is rich with ancient history.


Area Info

  • Campania is a region of southern Italy in Europe.
  • Area: 13,595 km2 (5,249.1 sq mi).
  • The capital city of Campania is Naples.
  • Four other regions border Campania; Lazio to the northwest, Molise to the north, Apulia to the northeast and Basilicata to the east.


Why Visit
  • There are countless world-class museums in the Naples/Amalfi Coast area.


Best Time
  • March is  the best month to visit
  • Capodichino Airport

  • Campania is rich in culture, especially in regards to gastronomy, music, architecture, archeological.
  • The cuisine of Campania is reflective of the many regional cuisines of Italy.
  • Campania produces wines and is likewise known for its cheeses.
  • Campania is very famous in Italy for its football teams.
  • Rapini (or Broccoli rabe), known locally as friarielli, is often used in Campanian cooking.