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Why Famous

  • Tropea is one of the most visited locations in Calabria.
  • There are many other places in Calabria that you can visit.
  • This dynamic island even has a small ski area in the inland regions.


Facts Destination
  • It is bounded to the north by the region of Basilicata.
  • The demonym of Calabria is Calabrian.
  • Calabria was first settled by Italic Oscan-speaking tribes.
  • Calabria was ruled from Naples right up until unification with Italy.


Area Info

  • Calabria in antiquity known as Bruttium, is a region in southern Italy.
  • The regional capital is the city of Catanzaro.
  • Area: 15,081 km2 (5,822.8 sq mi).
  • The climate is influenced by the mountainous and hilly relief of the region.


Why Visit

  • The main tourist attractions are the coastline and the mountains.
  • Visitors will definitely enjoy the parties held on the seafront during summer.
  • In Calabria Tartuffo is famous as a delicious Italian ice cream.
  • Cafes in Pizzo are the perfect locations for observing the entire beauty of this place.


Best Time
  • Early Spring Season.
  • Catania Fontanarossa Airport
  • Naples International Airport
  • The majority of Calabrians are Roman Catholic.
  • The cuisine is a typical southern Italian Mediterranean cuisine with a balance between meat-based dishes (pork, lamb, goat), vegetables (especially eggplant), and fish.
  • Pasta is also very important in Calabria.
  • Calabria produces a sweet red onion that is admired by the food experts.