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Why Famous

  • Some of the most impressive scenery in the south of Italy is hidden away in the heart of the tranquil, sun-drenched Basilicata region.
  • The peperone di Senise, or Senise pepper, is cultivated in a number of villages in the provinces of Matera and Potenza, in the heart of Basilicata.


Facts Destination

  • Basilicata is the most mountainous region in the south of Italy.
  • The region is divided into two provinces: Potenza and Matera. Potenza is a capital.
  • Basilicata is rich in arts and culture.


Area Info
  • Basilicata is a region in the south of Italy.
  • The regional capital is Potenza.
  • Area: 9,995 km2 (3,859.1 sq mi).
  • The climate is continental in the mountains and Mediterranean along the coasts.
  • The most important mountains are Volturino, 2005 m, and Sirino, 1835 m.


Why Visit
  • The province offers a great variety of scenery on relatively small territory.
  • You can get classic Italian food, and wash it down with fine local wine.
  • Basilicata is among the few regions of Italy as yet undiscovered by tourists.


  • Bari airport.

  • Traditionally used for flavoring peasant dishes, the Senise pepper is today a specialty of the Basilicata region
  • Food Festivals of Basilicata: Sarconi (August)
    This festival is a combination of numerous cultural events linked to local traditional crops and events based on local food and wine, culminating in a grand, open-air bean feast, where beans and other local foods are on offer, such as cheese, honey and fruit.
  • Miglinoco (September): In Miglionico, tradition demands that dried figs are threaded into garlands and woven to look like dolls.