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Why Famous
  • American samoa is administratively divided into three districts and two \"unorganized\" atolls.
  • The districts and unorganized atolls are subdivided into 74 villages.
  • Capital- Pago is one of the largest villages and is located on the eastern side of tutuila island in ma\'oputasi county.
  • Fagatogo is listed in the constitution of american samoa as the official seat of government, but it is not the capital.
Facts Destination
  • American samoa is an unincorporated territory of the united states located in the south pacific ocean, southeast of the sovereign state of samoa (formerly known as western samoa).
  • The main (largest and most populous) island is tutuila, with the manuea islands, rose atoll, and swains island also included in the territory.
  • American samoa is part of the samoan islands chain, located west of the cook islands, north of tonga, and some 300 miles (500 km) south of tokelau.
  • People born here including on Swain Island are American nationals but not american citizens unless one of their parents is a U.S citizen.
  • They may not vote in US presidential elections.
  • Pogo- Pogo one of the Largest villages.
Area Info
  • Total land area -76.8 square miles, slightly larger than washington, d.c, consisting of five rugged, volcanic islands and two coral atolls.
  • Due to its positioning in the south pacific ocean, it is frequently hit by typhoons between december and march.
  • Rose atoll, located in american samoa, is the southernmost point in the territory of the united states.
  • American samoa, located within the geographical region of oceania, is one of only two possessions of the united states in the southern hemisphere, the other being jarvis island.
Why Visit
  • Ofu and Olosega are parts of a volcanic doublet in the manu‘a group of the samoan islands—part of american samoa.
  • Although geographically separate volcanic remnants, only a narrow strait (asaga) naturally bridged by a shallow coral reef separates them.
  • South shore of ofu seen from olosega across the narrow strait that separates them.
Best Time
  • This time of the year is more hot and humid with average temperature of around 31°C by day.
  • Bright sunny mornings and late afternoon downpours area trademark of this time of the year.
  • Winter in Samoa, May to November
  • Weather in Samoa is sunny all year round making it a delight for beach lovers and sun worshippers.
How to reach
  • Jasons american samoa transportation guide has complete details of american samoa car rentals and campervans and american samoa flights.
  • Highways:
    Total: 221 km
    Country comparison to the world: 206
  • Ports and harbors: Aunu‘u, Auasi, FaleÄ?sao, Ofu, Pago Pago
  • Merchant marine: none
  • Airports: 3 (208)
    Country comparison to the world: 195
  • Airports- with paved runways:
  • Pago International Airport
    Total: 3
    over 3,047 m:\' 1
    2,438 to 3,047 m: 1
    under 914 m: 1
  • Airports-  with unpaved runways:
    Total: 0
  • Do not drink tap water and favor bottled mineral water, without ice.
  • Avoid eating ice creams, sherbets, raw or undercooked dishes, especially meat or fish.
  • If possible, order hot dishes.
  • Bring anti-diarhea medication with you and remember to wash your hands carefully before each meal.
  • Cases of dengue fever have been reported in Samoa.
  • Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne disease. Symptoms are fever, headache, rash, muscle and joint pain, nausea and, in severe cases, hemorrhagic manifestations.
  • Protect yourself carefully from sun and heat to avoid burns and sunstrokes.
  • Culture:- The culture in American Samoa is almost the same as that of western samoa (upolu). the u.s. sovereignty distinguishes the civilization of american samoa from the sovereign samoa.
  • Religion:- According to the World Christian Database, the population of American Samoa is 98.3% Christian, 0.7% agnostic, 0.4% Chinese Universalist, 0.3% Buddhist and 0.3% Baha\'i.
  • Sports:- About 30 ethnic Samoans, many from American Samoa, currently play in the National Football League.
  • American Samoa\'s national soccer team is one of the newest teams in the world.